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Eating & Thinking Styles Study

thinking styles and eating behaviors.jpg

Are you interested in how your attention and thinking style might influence your eating? If so, you may qualify for a new study at Duke! We are currently recruiting females, between the ages of 18-30.

  • Time commitment: Participants will fill out a self-report online screening questionnaire. If you are eligible, and you agree to take part in the study, you will participate in a 3-hour laboratory assessment visit, which will include a structured interview, some behavioral tasks and activities, and several online self-report questionnaires. 

  • Compensation: Monetary compensation will be provided. You may also receive the results of your questionnaires and lab tasks, upon request.


For information contact Lori at


Protocol ID: Pro00069778


Note: the “Lori” above contains a hyperlink and when selected, will initiate an email to with the subject line: Interested in thinking styles and eating study at Duke, Protocol ID: Pro00069778

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