Steph Ng
Research Assistant

Steph is a senior from the vibrant city of Hong Kong, and is a psychology major with a particular interest in cross-cultural differences in the etiology, development and treatment of eating disorders. She is currently writing a senior honors thesis on how conflicting expectations in Chinese food culture may affect eating behaviors and body image perceptions in Chinese adolescent females, and is the project manager for a study investigating the relationship between perfectionistic tendencies and eating disorders. 


Outside of schoolwork, Steph is the president of Body Banter at Duke, an on-campus club that aims to engage students in open conversations about body image and to empower them to advocate for body positivity in their own and others’ lives. She is also on the executive board for Inside Education, a club that aims to provide opportunities for students to engage in education-related activities in different ways and Future is Now, which provides weekly mentoring sessions to underserved elementary school girls in the Durham community.