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Savannah Erwin
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student

Savannah is a first year graduate student in Duke’s clinical psychology program. She is interested in researching early risk factors of eating disorder pathology to better inform the development of prevention and treatment programs for children and adolescents. Savannah is also interested in understanding the social factors that contribute to maintenance (or amelioration) of eating disorder symptoms. Before coming to Duke, Savannah worked at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Psychology Assessment Center as a Clinical Research Coordinator/Psychometrist, administering neuropsychological assessments to clinic patients aged 3 to 89 years old. Savannah completed a B.S. in Psychology at Davidson College in 2014 and she is very happy to be back in North Carolina. When not at the lab, Savannah enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and, despite her Texan roots, eating Carolina BBQ.

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