Erik Savereide
Project Lead

Personal Pronouns: He/Him/His

Erik Savereide is currently a Project Lead for the Duke Eating Disorder Research Laboratory. He graduated with distinction from Duke in 2018 with a degree in psychology after doing a senior thesis on body image in the context of gender dysphoria and hormone replacement therapy. He is the project lead for the Gender Images study on which his thesis was based. Erik’s interests in psychology include the mental processes underlying how we perceive and understand our bodies, and how disturbances in those processes contribute to gender dysphoria, eating disorders, and other psychological disorders. He is currently applying to medical schools in hopes of becoming a physician scientist and spending a career working with patients while investigating the pathophysiology and mechanisms of various diseases. Erik is originally from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. He was a drum major of the Duke University Marching & Pep Band and also enjoys running, playing trumpet, and reading.